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Climate Finance

“Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development” (Article 2 c of the Paris Agreement) will require a significant increase in funding – with new instruments and approaches required to mobilize a broad range of investors and to achieve scalability in financing climate action.

Nam Lolwe works on various aspects of climate finance. Policy, including legislation and enabling regulations are part of Nam Lolwe’s sector competencies. Financing the global energy transition will be one key building block. Others include financing agricultural value chains, sustainable water use and ecosystem resilience.

Sustainable Technology

Nam Lolwe provides technical assistance on specific climate technology sectors, including identification of technologies and technology barriers, strategy and policy, action plans, regulations and legal components, including intellectual property rights.

Nam Lolwe has expertise in advancement of tools and methodologies, as well as piloting and deployment of technologies across a wide spectrum of climate change interventions, including energy, transport, agriculture and water management.

Support to Climate Change Negotiations

We continue to provide technical support to countries and negotiating blocks, upon request, on various thematic areas of the negotiation process. These include market-based mechanisms of the Paris Agreement, mitigation options, Transparency and on ‘Response Measures’. Nam Lolwe’s support is provided on the basis of strictest client confidentiality.


Energy remains the plank of climate action around the world. Our interventions focus on

  • Policy Papers and Briefs
  • Energy Regulatory Reform
  • Financing Energy- Origination and Structuring
  • Review of Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Solutions, including technology

Adaptation to Climate Change

A majority of the world’s population identify adapation and a policy priority for climate action. Nam works with national and sub-national governments as well as multilateral donor agencies on:

  • Climate risk assessments,
  • Tracking adaptation outcomes,
  • Reporting National Plans and Policy
  • Financing Adaptation
  • Legal and regulatory Options

Advocacy and Communications

We work in partnership with core teams at country, region and international levels, including conservation programs, policy and partnerships and communications and marketing by: developing and coordinating the execution of advocacy and communications strategies; leveraging leadership and national voices to implement advocacy strategies; developing and managing programs dedicated to achieving strategic communications and advocacy outcomes; leading issue-specific communications in service of advocacy goals and developing proposals in partnership with governments, private sector and civil society.

"The conversation is moving away from risk, and towards opportunity."

Khaled El Jabi

Director and CEO, Nam Lolwe